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Jessica founded Inner Truth Consulting in 2018 to bring her therapeutic and entrepreneurial guidance to the next level. Jessica offers an innovative form of coaching and psychotherapy that focuses on empowering her clients to apply tools for self-care, healing, and transformation. Through a clinical approach that is compassionate and conversational, Jessica brings the best out of her clients.

Jessica Adams, LCSW, teaches, provides therapy, and guides organizational leaders, individuals, parents, and families, on the path to clarity. As a skilled psychotherapist, she specializes in relationships, empathy, and compassionate awareness. Her entrepreneurial guidance and positive modeling drives innovation in communication styles, workplace evolution, and interpersonal dynamics. In addition, her instruction and direct feedback is highly effective. Furthermore, her style brings harmony to those struggling with direction, business and organizational prowess, mental health concerns, behavioral issues, discipline, and divorce. Consequently, she teaches her clients and participants how to practice self-care. The goal is to empower clients to live their best life.

“The best type of therapist doesn’t require you see them weekly for the next 15 years. A good therapist teaches you how to self-regulate, learn from your experiences, and grow into the best possible life imaginable.” —Tony W., Client




Clinical therapy and services in New Milford, CT, include entrepreneurial coaching, individual psychotherapy, & coaching. Adolescent, young adult, and adult expertise as well as family therapy, couple’s therapy, parent coaching, business coaching, entrepreneurial support, and clinical supervision.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health support, parenting coaching, family therapy, couple’s therapy, motivational guidance, or entrepreneurial coaching, please CONTACT US. Help is here for you and yours.